A Rosé By Any Other Name is…

A Cabernet! This is not your mother’s Rosé. You will not find any sweet pink punch here my Luscious Lushes.

Yes, it’s true. My favorite Rosé at last night’s Pretty in Pink tasting, hosted by my friends at Bottlenotes, was the 2004 Croze Vin d’Une Nuit, Rose of Cabernet Sauvignon.

This wine was a stunning deep rose red color, and really stood out from the lineup of 6 different Rosés. I found intense flavors of strawberry, blood oranges and pink grapefruit with a nice tang. I loved this rose because of its juicy red fruit flavor, but also because of its beautiful color. It was magic in the glass.

Croze gets its amazing color from Cabernet Sauvignon, which is an unusual variety to make rose with. This wine is made in a traditional French style, and the name Vin d’une Nuit means “wine of one night” because the the juice & skins are only soaked for a single day. This is what gives the Croze the amazing color and undertones of a big Cab. This wine is best enjoyed ice cold, since it releases more flavors and aromas as it warms in the glass.

I also particularly enjoyed the 2006 Pretty Sally Rosé, an Australian concoction that was also a deep pink color, although not as ruby as the Croze. The flavors exploded with raspberry & watermelon, with a tinge of strawberry.

Other wines that were being poured were:

The moral of this pink story? Go out and try some pink!


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