Where has the summer gone?

Gracious what happened to the summer months? I feel like a kid who’s summer vacation has been cut short. Fortunately, we get a late summer out here in San Francisco, but it is amazing that it is already September 1st.

Yesterday being the Sunday before an extra day off, I took the opportunity to cruise up to Dry Creek with some wineaux friends. Little did we know that Trentadue was having a 50% off sale, and my friend stocked up! Their La Storia line has always been a favorite of mine.

This being a new month, I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell you about a few evetns coming up:

September 13/14
Spotlight on Zinfandel in Kenwood
Seven Heart of Sonoma Valley wineries are participating. Enjoy wine tastings, verticals, barrel sampling, select discounts, educational seminars, and more!

  1. Eric Ross Winery
  2. Family Wineries
  3. Kenwood
  4. Kaz Winery & Vineyards
  5. Loxton Cellars
  6. Muscardini Cellars & Ty Caton Vineyards
  7. The Wine Room
  8. VJB Vineyards & Cellars

September 14
Country Vintner tour at South, brought to you by The Jug Shop

Rob “Gibbo” Gibson with LOOSE END
Nick “Kilo Man” Stacy with WEST CAPE HOWE
Barbara “The Law” Lawson with LAWSON’S DRY HILLS
Peter “The Adelaide Longhorn” Saturno of LONGVIEW VINEYARD
George & Liz “The Country Duo” now on tour with PICARDY

Sept 20th
Release the Spaniard Dinner -at Twisted Oak Winery
Being a recent convert to the Twisted Few wine club, I decided this would be a fine opportunity to visit the Murphy’s area to do a little wine reconnaissance. Since I haven’t been there since I was prospecting for gold in high school, I am looking forward to a grown up tour of the area.
Some other wineries in the area that we will try to taste at are:


2 Responses to “Where has the summer gone?”

  1. el jefe Says:

    If you DO plan to visit all of those wineries before the dinner, I might recommend contacting the Murphys Cab Company 209-559-8777. Just saying. See ya!

  2. The Wine Brat Says:

    If I visited ALL of those wineries, you’d have to find a wheelbarrow 😉
    Besides, my mommy taught me how to spit.
    See you next weekend!

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