In Celebration of no more Shrubbery!

Yes yes I’m a day late, and a dollar short. That said, this month, we have a special theme for Wine Blogging Wednesday #49.

In light on the current political climate and the impending election, David Honig of 2 Days Per Bottle has asked us to toast to the end of this madness we call the Bush era.

What will I drink to toast this momentous occasion? It certainly will not be something to honor the President, although I will be celebrating his demise.

If Obama wins the election, as I hope he does, I will be toasting with a lovely bottle of Champagne. The current candidate is Perrier-Jouët NV Brut, which my friend Liza the Brix Chick brought over to my house before an event on Sunday. In this tasty sparkler, I found creamy toast, hazelnuts, and a lemony backnote. Ahhh refreshign!

IF however, my worst nightmare comes true and McLame & Caribou Barbie win this freak show, I will be drowning my sorrows in some good single malt scotch as I drive up to the border to escape. My favorite single malt thse days is Glenmorangie Sherry Cask, but that, is another blog post me thinks!

Happy drinking!



2 Responses to “In Celebration of no more Shrubbery!”

  1. kurtado Says:

    I’m with you on the bubbly, probably some blanc de noirs. But I think that Mexico is the new Canada for potential ex-pats, especially with the USD/CAD exchange rate these days!

  2. The Wine Brat Says:

    Excellent point Kurt!
    On both the bubbly and Mexico. I just don’t know if i can handle the Tequila…

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