Lest I forget…

After being shushed more than once, I have to give a shout out to Table 11 at dinner because we were:

  • The Loudest
  • The Goofiest
  • The Twitterist
  • The Funnest

table at dinner!

Love to El Jefe of Twisted Oak Wines, Sonadora aka Wannabe Wino, Russ The Winehiker, Josh the Pinotblogger, and the new friends made at dinner!

Incidentally, Josh and Lenn Thompson of Lenndevours deserve a massive thank you for a great tasting of Long Island and Oregon wines last night. Palates smashed, I still found some Long Island and Oregon wines to love. Too bad I didn’t push Randy in the pool thought 😉

How much fun did we have? We’ll let’s just say that I was laughing so hard I forgot to take notes and there was nearly a wine spit up accident every 5 minutes.

Now that I am relatively well rested and full of a Bacon Omlette from Hank’s Creekside Cafe,


3 Responses to “Lest I forget…”

  1. Sonadora Says:

    Shush Thea!


  2. Sonadora Says:

    Get the Spaniard out of your mouth.


  3. The Wine Brat Says:

    Hey everyone needs a little Spainard in them!

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