Drink Charitably!


It’s that time of year again.  Can you really believe that it’s Thanksgiving NEXT WEEK?  I’m in a bit of a state of panic myself.  That being said, I wanted to call your attention to a wine event on Friday, November 21st.  This special event is hosted by Humanitas Wines, Twitter Taste Live, Twittermoms.com and Lenndevours.com, in an effort to support the local food banks during this needy time.

While it is too late to ship the wine out to anyone not in the Bay Area, you still have 1.5 days to either:

Find a Twitter party or run up to Napa to pick up the wines!  There are a few local stores that carry them, click through to see the locations.

We will be tasting:

Humanitas is dedicated to changing the world, one sip of delicious wine at a time.  They donate the profits made from these wines to charities, which find solutions to hunger, housing, and illiteracy.  For this event, proceeds are going to feed the hungry, something close to my heart at this time of year.

In 1997, founder Judd Wallenbrock, who is the President & General Manager of Michel-Schlumberger as well as running Humanitas, had a driving desire to help those less fortunate than ourselves.  Inspired by companies such as Newman’s Own, he started Humanitas to fulfill two dreams:  Owning his own winery, and giving back

Having been fortunate enough to taste some of the Humanitas wines at the Wine Bloggers Conference, I am really excited about both contributing to the local food bank, and having another opportunity invite my wine community friends over, sip some amazing wines from all over California, and do Twitter Taste Live!  Won’t you join us?

Enjoy Humanitas…Drink Charitably!


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4 Responses to “Drink Charitably!”

  1. David J Says:

    er, Thea–

    Friday 21st, or Saturday 22nd? 🙂

  2. winebratsf Says:

    WOOPS! Quite right 😉

  3. Wine Videos Says:

    Sounds like a great program. What could be better than tasting wine and helping people less fortunate.

  4. winebratsf Says:

    Wine Videos – Exactly my thoughts! Hope you can join us, real or virtually.

    Humanitas is offering a special deal for the wines we are tasting! Please consider purchasing the pack here:


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