Golly Auntie Mame, credibility at last!

I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, “oh no!  Do we have to talk about this AGAIN?” right? But honestly, this is a GOOD post!  For those wineries that understand the power of social media and the new generation of consumers, this is a very powerful tool.

This past July, when I started writing my blog, I wrote about a marathon tasting of Cameron Hughes wines, remarking at the quality for price point.  Shorly thereafter, I wrote a review of a budget friendly wine on Vinquire.com.  Yesterday, my friend and fellow blogger, Taster B of Smells Like Grape, brought to my attention that the review, as well as hers, and several others, was featured on an email campaign by Peterson Winery.  Additionally, a bit of Googling brought forth a reference to my early post of the Cameron Hughes offerings.

Clearly, wineries are starting to understand the power of social media and alternative media outlets.  However, I do have one beef.  If you are quoting a blogger, a review, a website, anything – in a press release or email offering – is it too much to ask that you actually contact the blogger and say:

Hey, thanks for the great post!  We’re going to quote it ok?

Not only does this provide validation for the blogger in question who might think that their efforts are for naught, if not fun, but it provides a valuable connection between industry Goliaths and the little David Wine Bloggers.  Please Mr. Marketing Dude, let us know if you are going to use our quotes!  It’s only polite.

If small wineries can set up alerts and comment on blogs if we mention their wines, can’t you do the courtesy of letting us know you liked our post and want to share it?  Just saying.


10 Responses to “Golly Auntie Mame, credibility at last!”

  1. Taster B Says:

    haiiii thaz mah logo! 🙂


    we haz it.

  2. winedivergirl Says:

    YES! And do you want the same notification if linking in a post? (oops, haven’t done that…may link to you again, there, fair warning:)

  3. winebratsf Says:

    Lisa – I don’t mind linking so much since it comes in alerts easily, but I never mind hearing my name in lights! Er type ;o)

  4. BrixChicks_Liza Says:

    Right on, Thea! Personal validation and a chance to update our own highllight reel. Nice job!

  5. Rob Says:

    It is definitely great that wineries are starting to see bloggers as important media outlets, but I understand the concern most have from going to new media. It really seems to be a problem of chicken and egg – bloggers want the credibility that outreach from wineries gives them and wineries want to reach only credible bloggers.

    The point about notification? Yeah, that just seems like a decent thing to do.

  6. winebratsf Says:

    Rob – Agreed. It’s a tough transition to make, much like proprietary software vs. on demand. But, baby steps! Recognition, then change.


  7. Dirty Says:

    I agree- A little notification would be polite, especially when they are leveraging it to increase sales.

  8. winebratsf Says:

    Dirty – EXACTLY! If you’re quoting someone in an advert, it’s only fair. 😀

  9. Sarah Nopp Says:

    It is the same across the board for all types of businesses, as far as I can tell. People “know” they should use it, but learning the niceties and protocols are a pretty steep curve. It really just underscores the big gap between people who are all plugged in like this and the everyone else. But you got to stay on the leading edge or you will get sucked under, yes?

  10. Shana Says:

    Thea, I am just curious… Did you follow up and say anything to the Petersons about the use of your name? Just curious to know what they have to say about the issue….

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