Bacon is BACK! A day late, a strip short.

Yes I know, I started Bacon Fridays, and then promptly dropped it when my time was not my own.  I am BACK!  BACON is back!

One night this week, I got home and was mildly irritated at myself to discover that i really had no food in the house.  Fortunately for myself, I had a half open bottle of wine and the basic food groups –

  • pancake mix
  • butter
  • syrup
  • BACON!

Sometimes, you just need to have breakfast for dinner!  I also found blueberries and bananas in my bag of tricks, so I cooked up a stack of pancakes and some applewood smoked bacon.

After pouring myself a glass of Calaveras County Syrah, I added the requisite butter and pure maple syrup to my pancakes.  IN the process, the syrup sneaks up on the bacon.  The taste sensation that maple syrup drenched bacon provided is, in a word, orgasmic.

Add in a smokey, blueberry infused syrah, and I was in love.  Pure love.

Everyone should have blueberry pancakes, bacon, and syrah for dinner soon!  P.S.  i recommend the warm climate syrah over a cool climate syrah as it has the fruity smokiness that pairs well with pancakes and bacon.  Cool climate syrah is equally delicious for other reasons, and would go well with meaty dishes including bacon.

Happy short stack to you!


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3 Responses to “Bacon is BACK! A day late, a strip short.”

  1. Gary "Iron" Chevsky Says:

    I am usually fairly suspicious of people food & wine recommendations especially those using new world wines, but this one truly sounds creative and delicious, and makes a lot of sense. Nice one!

  2. LuvsChandon Says:

    This sounds really good, love pancakes for dinner, and with a Syrah would be even better. Fun post!

  3. xandria Says:

    Mmmmm, breakfast for dinner. You making me hungry…(and thirsty)

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