It's a well kept secret!

Recently, the good PR folks from The Wines of Chile (@RobBralow) sent me a surprise box of wine samples. In this box, held a treat for the sense, and an 89 pointer. Ok fine, really it was 88 points by the Spectator but it was voted a Best Buy.

The 2006 Viu Secreto Malbec hails from the Colchagua Valley region of Chile. The Colchagua Valley lies about 80 miles southwest of Santiago, and has a moderate climate. It has often been compared to Napa in many ways, but I bet you won’t find a Napa Malbec at this price point!

This Malbec is priced at a fighting $10-15, and is worth every penny in my opinion. I immediately smell a smokey richness, with fennel and herbs. It is a rich and chewy wine, which one would expect in the over $20 category, but is a treat at this price point. On the palate, there is heavy plum and herb, with an earthy richness. I also taste lavendar and a nice pepper overtone.

Chile has become my go to region for budget minded wines. I have personally tasted several Cabernet blends that are priced around $10 and are a STEAL. Particular varietals that do well in Chile are Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Sauvingnon Blanc. I’m still exploring other varietals, so please stay tuned!

Walk, don’t run to your local shop for this gem!

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5 Responses to “It's a well kept secret!”

  1. Eve Sieminski Says:

    I agree, there are many wonderful Chilean wines that can be bought for a steal! I will look for this one!

  2. xandria Says:

    Hey Thea,
    I, too, am really liking Malbecs from the Colchagua Valley. I just had a 2006 Malbec from Viu Manent. It was good and affordable, just like the one you reviewed:) Not that I don’t like Malbecs from Mendoza! I just had an awesome bottle of Mil Piedras 2007 and Martin Fierro 2006. Incredible food wines. Hope to be drinking some Malbec with you soon…

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