Bling for Bloggers!

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been blogging much recently, something I hope to remedy.  Partially, this is due to be sick, partially because my computer at home broke, and partially because I have been involved in another project.

As I hope you will have heard by now, The Wine Bloggers Conference has been scheduled for July 24-26 in Santa Rosa.  Judging by last years attendance, I expect this to be another blow out year.

That said, the economy BLOWS right now.  People are losing their jobs.  Bloggers aren’t paid (for the most part), so if you’re an unemployed blogger, attending this years conference may be a struggle for you.  This is why a group of bloggers and other Wine 2.0 aficionados came together and started the Wine BloggersConference Scholarship Fund .

The fund is something near and dear to me, and as a committee member, I am shouting about it from the tops of rooftops.  To help us make our goal, I have come up with some Blogger Bling, to help you enhance your WBC name badges.  You are registered right?  Yeah I thought so.  So here’s the deal:

ID Ribbons are for sale for $2 each. After I recoup the costs, the profits go to the WBC Scholarship Fund.  If you’re interested, Tweet me, Email me, send me a smoke signal, but get these while the getting is good!

Trouble Maker Wine Bloggerwine blogger First Time Attendee
Screw it!  More wine!

– A Luscious Lushes Original

Naughty Wine Minx

-By Lisa Adams Walter and The BrixChicks!



5 Responses to “Bling for Bloggers!”

  1. Sonadora Says:

    Fabulous! I want “screw it more wine”

  2. winebratsf Says:

    You got it! Clearly, I can’t write an HTML table, but i’ll take REAL pics when they arrive. LOL!

    We will be FULL of bling!

  3. The Consigliere Says:

    Here is a comment for ya. Hope it works :).

  4. Shana Ray Says:

    I need a trouble maker one…. But I am sure you already have one set aside for me!

    I’ll take a Wine Blogger one too!

  5. winebratsf Says:

    Umm YEP! I think I got that one written down FIRST hehehehehe

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