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Welcome to my luscious lounge, said the spider to the fly.  After reading El Jefe’s landing page and also the ProBlogger Article about improving your blog readership, I jumped on this bandwagon.

My name is Thea Dwelle, and I am a blogger, a wine lover, and a tech geek.  You can read more about this blog over here.

I post about all sorts of stuff, including what I’m drinking, what I’m doing, and what’s important in the wine world.  I am trying to develop some themes, but well we’re still working on that.

If you are following me on Twitter, you know I am a sometimes silly, always drinking, and mostly not serious gal who enjoys a good glass of wine and good friends, like The Brix Chicks.

I hope you enjoy yourself here!

P.S. if you subscribe via a reader, please use the RSS Feed links on the top of the home page.

Thanks for following my twitterverse!


14 Responses to “Twitter Landing Page”

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    […] Pavilion building.  These were roughly A-H wineries, in alphabetical order.  Luscious Lush, Thea (Twitter) was manning the door and many other activities, volunteering for the day. Ward is the […]

  2. Gary "Iron" Chevsky Says:

    Followed here from twitter. Nice touch having this landing page. Great looking blog. Loved you latest article – well written, and sounds like a great pairing . I am in the Bay Area, a fellow blogger. Regards!

  3. winebratsf Says:

    Cheers Gary! Glad to find you here. Hope to see you at a tasting soon!

  4. barrel tasting day one: new adventures and old favorites. « shana; not out on VHS yet Says:

    […] Thea Dwell, her mother and I headed out into the wilds of the Sonoma County wine roads with an agenda: […]

  5. Rachel Says:

    Just had to give kudos for the landing page – great idea!

  6. Jennifer Says:

    clicked a bit and here I am. SoCal gal originally. My gma lived in Santa Rosa, had a drapery/curtain shop there. She knew the Schultzes, and some with vineyards. Spent many a summer there. I miss how it used to be. Reaching for straws? Just a wine lover and a tech geek too but with out the schooling. Good luck, etc. 🙂

  7. Vic aka DagnyReardon on twitter Says:

    thought it would take to long to send via twits,, Duck Bacon,, take 2 pekin or Long Island duck breasts, skin ON! brine, in non metallic shallow bowl, mix of maple syrup, peppercorns, kosher salt, brown sugar ( very small amt!) splash of balsamic. let sit about 12 hours turning frequently!!, up to 20,, score the skin w/ slashes ,then COLD Smoke , over applewood chips ( a homemade smoker is super easy to make! for about 4 hours, not to hot, meat should still be fairly pink..let sit in reefer overnite ( non metallic container). then slice thin & fry,, u can do the same w/ chicken, only brine for about 4 hours , and smoke for about 3 ..ditto a turkey breast,,

  8. Wine Blogging Wednesday 57 California Dreaming - A Good Time With Wine - A video wine blog Says:

    […] first stop was the meet Thea (@winebratsf on twitter) and Robbin (@robbin_g) in San Francisco. After picking them up, we drove […]

  9. StrawberryToast (its VIC< ex dagny reardon) Says:

    Had to completley cancel my acct, I was going to be frenchcrossiant, til I realize I mispelled it & was already taken,,so i am what my fav food, & the ONLY thing my bf knows how to make ( can;t even call it cooking!)

    My twitter is : StrawberryToast.

    and oh my god , last nite made a bacon & cheddar stuffed french toast w/homemade syrup & yukon gold hash browns & panko crusted deep fried eggs,,it was insane!

    So, add me okay!! I have to approve, but thats because of what happened to my acct
    peace out,
    Victoria aka Vic..

  10. Toby Says:

    Hi there! You ARE fun! I saw a post about St. Supery (Whom we in the trade called Saint Slippery), and it took me back a few years to when they first opened.
    I am trying to build my Twitter membership/friendship, to get word out about our wonderful Big Sur Food and Wine Festival – a (relatively) green/low-carbon footprint event… so hopefully you’ll see more about it…

    Have a slurpy evening!
    Toby Rowland-Jones

  11. winebratsf Says:

    St Slippery? hehhehehe how bout St Slurpy ;-p

    Big Sur sounds lovely! i’ll add you to my Wine Bloggers by Location page, so we can get the word out!

  12. Amy Corron Power aka WineWonkette Says:

    Well I guess we now should make a Twitter Landing Page too. Always having to follow Thea around in the world of tweets and wine 😉

  13. winebratsf Says:

    Wel Amy, I’m glad you know who’s boss of you! 😉

  14. Simmessa Says:

    I think having a good twitter landing page is an absolute necessity nowadays 🙂

    So here’s mine:

    Hope you like it, I had a lot of fun doing it…

    feel free to send me your feedback!

    All the Best!


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